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Maybe you shouldn’t let your people go surfing…Yet

Outdoor equipment company, Patagonia, has built a stellar culture based on passion. The founder has a few wise words to share to achieve something similar.

Are These Really the Most Common Mistakes That Leaders Make?

Are you a leader who wants self-sufficient employees? Well, you need to leave them alone and let them fail on occasion.

How to Build a Work Culture Where Employees Have a Lot of Latitude

Want to build a culture where employees have the latitude to make smart decisions? Here are 4 ways to help them get there.

It’s a Problem If Employees Don’t Know If They’re Performing Correctly

Employees need frequent feedback if they are to grow and improve. That's why you need more personal conversations.

What You Should Know About How Employees Quit

The "how" employees quit can be just as important as the "why" they quit. What are the employees who quit telling you about your organization?

How Important Is Culture Fit For New Employees, Anyway?

The best hires need to have great skills and talents, but it's also critical that they "fit" in with your culture, too

Despite the Hype, There May Be a Downside to Employee Engagement

If you focus on getting the culture right, strong employee engagement is bound to follow.

How To Handle Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Workplace bias is a huge business problem, but people frequently don't recognize it. Here's how to both identify and deal with it.