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Why It’s Tough to Hire a Superstar Salesperson

The sales rockstars are out there—did you manage to snag one?

Sorry Jack Welch – GE Finally Decides to Stop Rating Its Employees

Out with the old and in with the new. Annual performance reviews are a thing of the past for GE.

Happiness May Be the Key Element For High Performing Employees

Despite the belief that success will make you happy, research shows that the happiness must come first for that drive to the top of your career.

Want to Re-Engage Your Employees? Maybe You Just Need Better Communications

Your team is tuning out because you aren't speaking up. Use these tips to get them re-engaged.

Why Performance Reviews Should Be More Human and Less Like a Contract

Why is the performance review so despised—and how can you make them better?

It’s Not Complicated: 5 Keys to Assess Performance

Stumped on how to measure your employee's performance? Here's 5 demystifying tips.

When It Comes to Employee Feedback, Consider the Power of Positive Reinforcement

Tips on using the power of positive reinforcement to get the most out of your employee feedback.