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3 Things That Managers Can Do to Avoid Every Single Employment Lawsuit

Avoid the calls from the dreaded lawyer with this advice from an actual employment lawyer.

Gallup’s Survey Is Clear: When It Comes to Feedback, Millennials Expect It Every Day, All the Time

Give the Millennials what they want: Feedback for everything, all the time.

How Smart Managers Can Give Weaker Performers a Path to Improvement

Weak employees don't have to stay that way long as long as they have a great manager in their corner.

Want to REALLY Communicate With Employees? It May Be Time For Some “Radical Honesty”

Being brutally honest in the workplace reaps many more benefits that telling the little white lies.

Are You Encouraging Your Employees to Help You to Build Your Brand?

Your brand is how the public perceives your company. How are your employees representing it, and how can you make it better?

How Companies Are Trying to Get Ahead of the Curve With Performance Management

The traditional way of practicing performance management is endangered, and it's time to get some insight of where the trend is heading.

It’s a Good Thing When Your Employees Want to Find a Greater “Purpose” in Their Work

Strive to find purpose in your career—it may save your life (or at least help you live longer).

5 Easy Steps to Fix Your Company’s Performance Management Program

With 5 easy steps, you can fix your performance management system.