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Warren Buffett’s 3 Criteria for a Good Hire (video)

What do you look for to make a good hire?  How do you … Continued

The most important decision in life—and in business

Are your people-related choices taking priority in your life?

How to Build a Work Culture Where Employees Have a Lot of Latitude

Want to build a culture where employees have the latitude to make smart decisions? Here are 4 ways to help them get there.

Is Your Employee Really Ready to Be a Manager?

Taking an employee and making them into a manager isn't easy. Here are some things to consider if you are trying it.

Leading Wisely: What’s the Leadership Philosophy That You Follow?

Want to be a better leader? Then you need to know there are lots of different ways to lead -- you just need the right approach.

The Real Business Benefits of Having Happy and Enagaged Employees

The numbers don't lie: There is a real and tangible business benefit when you have happy and engaged employees.

What You Should Know About How Employees Quit

The "how" employees quit can be just as important as the "why" they quit. What are the employees who quit telling you about your organization?

The Six Habits You Usually Find in Effective and Trustworthy Leaders

Good leaders know what it takes to build great teams, and they also know that the tactics to so that are amazingly simple to follow.