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Warren Buffett’s 3 Criteria for a Good Hire (video)

What do you look for to make a good hire?  How do you … Continued

Lazlo Bock on Google’s Hiring by Committee Philosophy (Video)

Google has people beating down their door to get hired. How do they do it? The company's HR chief gives a few insights.

Does Spending Months on Recruiting Mean You’re Serious About Recruiting? (Video)

How many interviews does it take for a hiring process to become abusive? Are you conducting too many?

Steve Jobs’ Take on Why You Should Be Hiring “A” Players (video)

Everyone wants to hire great talent, but the late Steve Jobs makes a passionate case for why you really need more "A" players.

At Zappos, Sometimes You Need to be a Little Weird to Get the Culture (Video)

Bringing out your weird side at work is often looked down upon. However, for Zappos, they consider it a core value to their culture development. Is letting your individuality shine through an answer to strong culture?

The Secret to Working at Amazon? Passion, and “Plain Old Smarts” (Video)

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, knows a thing or two about hiring from the many years of the company's success. Here he shares a few of his secrets.

Hiring For Cultural Fit – It’s Sacrificing Short-Term Benefit For Long-Term Gain (Video)

Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh, has some modern ideas on how to hire for the long-term, and sometimes that means passing on smart, talented candidates.

Another Take on Engagement: It’s About Helping “Overwhelmed” Employees (Video)

Employee engagement isn't going anywhere, and it can actually help your overwhelmed employees.